5 Ways to Glorify God With Your Marriage

On Monday, October 16, Dillman and I celebrated two years of marriage! Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been two years and other times, it feels like we’ve always been married (cliché, I know). From the beginning of our marriage, we’ve encountered challenge after challenge in our lives. From car accidents to losing loved ones, the past two years have definitely brought us closer.

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We both knew going into this that our marriage was not created for us but for God and to bring others to Him. We’re just fortunate enough to have a God who loves us enough to want to bless us beyond that.

Here are 5 ways we’ve found you can glorify God’s name through the gift of marriage.

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1. Forgive

Glorifying God through your marriage starts within the marriage. Dill is everything I prayed for in a husband and more. I’m still amazed at how God designed the two of us for one another and still, our marriage requires forgiveness on a nearly daily basis. If God calls us to love and forgive friends and family in our life (see Matthew 18:21-22, Ephesians 4:32), how much more important is it that we forgive our spouse? It is essential to a healthy marriage and without it, our human hearts can be hardened towards our spouse over time.

IMG_4250.JPGIMG_7883.JPGIMG_0330.JPG2. Apologize

If you’re like me, it’s incredibly difficult to apologize when I truly don’t feel I’m wrong, let alone apologize when I know I’m in the wrong. Apologies are powerful. For Dill, he feels loved when we’re both willing to apologize for a crummy conversation or reaction regardless of who’s at fault. That concept was completely foreign to me! My first reaction is to say “Why should I apologize when I’m not the one who lashed out?”. But even if that’s true, this mentality breeds pride.

Apologies communicate humility, a willingness to be vulnerable, and a desire to heal. This one can be so difficult at times but it can be the most powerful piece to growing intimacy in marriage. Without apologizing, you are robbing your marriage of golden opportunities to build trust and joy. If you struggle with this one like I do, try praying to God in the middle of a difficult conversation (don’t wait) and ask the Spirit to give you the strength and humility to apologize.

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3. Invite Others In

With Dill being a youth pastor, we have the unique opportunity to invite hundreds of students into our marriage. We do this because 1) it gives us a chance to be transparent and keep each other accountable to pursue what we set out to do in our vows and 2) it gives students an inside look into what a Christ-centered marriage looks like.

In high school, the chances for me to have a peek into a young couple’s marriage was rare. After college, a couple from our church invited our singles small group into their home to ask them whatever questions we could think of about fears, insecurities, dating, etc,. It had such a huge impact on my prayers for my future husband and marriage. Growing up, I knew I wanted a Godly marriage but I wish I had that clarity sooner in my life.



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4. Lead Together

Every Sunday night, Dill and I lead a group of senior high school students in a bible study. We are never more on point with one another than when we lead together. It reminds us of our spouse’s unique gifts — I love seeing Dill in his element, speaking to students. Plus, the drive home lets us talk even more about the study and gives us that important one on one discussion every marriage needs.

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5. Pray

Finally, pray together! I believe prayer is more than a good thought or a well wish. Prayer has power and is an action that when answered, leads to tangible things in our world. Pray for your marriage, your family, friends, and community. Ask for God to give you and your spouse real life opportunities to glorify His name.

“Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” – Matthew 18:19–20


To hear our vows and get a peek into our wedding day, watch our wedding highlight video below
(Film by Emilee Jo)

Dimmitt Wedding Highlights – The Woodlands, TX from Emilee Guidorzi on Vimeo.

Dress: BHLDN

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Videography: Emilee Guidorzi Film & Photo

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  1. Hallie – this is more than awesome as you spoke from your heart and through your marriage with Dillman. All ages should read this before they take their vows. I’m praying for you two to continue your journey together and your heartfelt concern to help others in this time of their lives. Thank you for sharing, G’ma 😘

  2. I loved this!! and your wedding was gorgeous by the way!! I’ve been married almost 2 months, my wedding date is almost a week after yours, but I can’t to start doing blogs about marriage!

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