If Joanna Gaines opened a cafe in Conroe, this would be it. Wall to wall shiplap, soft white paint, greenery sprinkled throughout, and light wood accents. Finding unique coffee shops or cafes around the suburbs is a fun game I like to play. It seems our area goes through seasons of opening fun new places and then seasons of nothing new. FLOUR-ISH has been on my list to visit for a couple months now, so I took some time on my day off to get my caffeine fix there.

First off, it’s downtown Conroe, so parking during peak hours might be a challenge — going on a late Tuesday morning has its advantages that way. The cafe itself is on the corner near city hall and ended up being bigger inside than I expected.

When you walk in, you’re welcomed by a photogenic Vespa and window seats to your right and the prettiest display of fresh pastries straight ahead.

The good news: they sell breakfast all day and their fresh pastries look amazing and probably taste just as good. The bad news:




I guess I automatically assumed they would have one, even if coffee isn’t their focus (pastries are). But alas, when I ordered my go-to order of a soy latte, I was met with this sad news. The barista (possibly the manager/owner?) offered to make a mock latte with their coffee. And it actually turned out great.

I chose a little seat near one of the many windows and enjoyed my imposter latte and breakfast sandwich. It’s the perfect coffee date spot, friends gathering (it is referred to as “a gathering place” after all), a date with yourself (which I highly recommend before the busy holidays) and if you can find an outlet along the wall, the ideal place for students to study.

Stop by if you’re in the area and if not, take an afternoon to explore some new cafes or shops in your area and have fun!

2 thoughts on “A Review: FLOUR-ISH

  1. I’d love to see more coffee shop reviews on your blog!!!! Loved this! And the lack of espresso machine would make me sad too. The ambiance (Joanna Gaines-y, love it) looks sooo cozy. Hugs!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Meghan! That’s helpful to know! Yes, I even called after leaving to ask if they’d ever get one. They said no 😭

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