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Things have been so busy at the house, with getting everything ready for family to come visit, I haven’t had time to knock out a gift guide! Here are some of my favorite items, some of which came directly from my wishlist. These items range in price from $13 – $180, so there are plenty of gift ideas, no matter what your budget is! 


(Tip: If you’d like to save these items for your Christmas wish-list, copy and paste the full link that corresponds with the product)


No. 01 – This Audio-Technica Record Player is one of my favorite gifts I’ve received. It looks sleek in our home, is bluetooth capable, and sounds great. Any music-loving friend would appreciate this gift.

No. 02 – I bought Lagom on a whim and ended up loving it. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to practice the peacefulness of more of less in their life (or you know, for yourself).

No. 03 – I love the look of this 12.5 Inch Barcelona Vase and it can go pretty much anywhere in your home. It currently sits on our dining table as a centerpiece but it’d also look great near the fireplace, on a dresser, or on an end table.

No. 04 – I’ve been using a Slip Silk Pillowcase for the last two years and now there’s no turning back. It helps prevent hair breakage (which is especially important for curly hair) and supposedly lessens the lines on your face in the morning that lead to wrinkles in the future (sure, why not?). Plus, it’s a little piece of heaven when you’re trying to fall asleep.

No. 05 – This idea came from TheBrittKitt. Every time I go on a trip, I lug my hairdryer in my check bag, which ends up taking more room than I’d like. But I’ve considered it a necessity for my unruly hair. This Eva NYC Mini Blow Dryer would be perfect for traveling or quick overnight stays.

Bonus: Here is the Eva NYC Mini Max Heat Titanium Straightening Iron version.

No. 06 – I don’t think I’ve ever smelled my own wrist as much as I have when I sprayed Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray on it during a lunch break. It. Smells. Amazing.

No. 07 – I’m obsessed with my white Birkenstocks, so naturally these black Birkenstocks are the next step up. They’d go with pretty much everything.

No. 08 – Pottery Barn makes some of the best faux succulent plants and this Potted Mini Cactus would look adorable on a mantle, in a kitchen, or in a guest room.

No. 09 – For those who love the outdoors, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock is perfect for reading a book, taking a nap, or just enjoying God’s creation outside. Why do I recommend getting a two person hammock? If it’s just you, it cocoons you, keeping bugs out and makes a cozy bubble around you. Plus, you can always invite a friend to hammock with you!

Bonus! – This Facial Steamer by Kingdom Care is life changing for saving money and doing a spa treatment in your own home. I got mine and you’ll want to sit in front of it for an hour. I promise.


Hope this helped you get some great gift ideas for the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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