It’s not impossible but it’s definitely a little harder to find unique, quality coffee shops (AKA not Starbucks) in our suburb area. Next on my list of nearby coffee shops to visit was THIRD GEN COFFEE. This one is located in an older area of The Woodlands, TX in Grogans Park. I love seeing non-chain businesses open up in older neighborhoods to help revive the area and THIRD GEN is a great example of why.


Here’s what I love:

The atmosphere

We went in the afternoon on a Saturday during winter break for most colleges, so the coffee shop felt like it was filled with university students. It was busy and depending on who you are, not what most people would call peaceful. It’s not a loud place, but I personally love the steady buzz of customers in the coffee shop. There was a mix of students studying (which somehow made me desperately nostalgic), friends catching up, dates, and even a group playing Settlers (Dill and I almost asked to join. Almost).


The look

Whoever decorated this place should be hired for future projects/businesses in the area just because I love it. The interior is all modern with white, black, and metal and none of those overwhelm the other. I’m assuming most of the furniture came from Ikea since Dill and I actually recognized our dining table as we were reading upstairs. The best part? When you walk in, you’re met with cafe lights strung above you, between large metal frames. Everything in here feels crisp.


The potential

After looking at their website, it looks like they’ve been creative with their space and often host live music and other events. I love this because live music is hard to find in the suburbs unless you’re at the one and only concert & events center. Plus, it brings attention to local bands and artists and could potentially be used to host art classes, poetry readings, anything else that’s hard to find here. There is so much you can do with this space and it seems like they’re using it well.



Something I hope to see more of is a bigger selection of pastries/eats. I realized after I got home that I didn’t even take a picture of their selection but their website shows scones, muffins, breakfast rolls and sandwiches. We might’ve come at a bad time, or maybe it’s all done behind the scenes and I missed it. But I’d love to see even more creative, yummy treats to go with my coffee or tea.



Speaking of their drinks, their menu is pretty simple. We ordered a chai tea, black coffee, and a soy latte to-go (my staple) which I loved – So, I’m excited to try their other options. I’m hoping to see even more creative options and flavors added in the future.


2 thoughts on “A Review: THIRD GEN COFFEE

  1. This looks super cute! I want to visit when I’m back in town! Have you been to Cafe Marrese? It’s near 249 & Spring Cypress, which is not in your neighborhood but if you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth a visit! Cool vibe, friendly baristas and yummy signature drinks (I get the soy Marrese – it’s a honey latte infused with rosemary).

    1. I’ve never been but that sounds like it’s worth the trip! I love visiting coffee shops/cafes! And that drink sounds amazing. Thank you for reading, Meghan!!

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