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Ever since Dill and I figured out what we wanted to do with the front room in our house, I’ve been so excited to slowly fill it up. Our dining table sits in our breakfast room near the kitchen because we wanted to be able to use it on a daily basis, especially when we have kids. We knew a formal dining room wouldn’t get much, or any, use in our house.

After living in our house for four months, Dill and I still had boxes full of books packed away. We love reading, especially together. We’ll buy two copies of a book we want to read and go chapter by chapter and talk about it together.

Since books are so important to us, we decided to turn our front room into a library/home office.

The first thing we ordered were the bookshelves. We originally wanted wall-to-wall floating shelves but we ended up finding affordable modern shelving that worked perfectly with the space.


Up next was ordering a white desk that could be functional but wouldn’t take up too much space. We found the Micke desk from Ikea. Does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with Ikea? We love their prices and designs but putting the furniture together is an all day event.


Finding the right desk chair was surprisingly difficult for me. With the shelves being so dark, I wanted everything else in the room to be bright to balance it out. A few weeks ago, Lush to Blush found a velvet blush chair at TJ Maxx that I fell in love with. I never thought I’d want a pink chair but I kept thinking it’d be a perfect fit. After showing it to Dill, we snagged it at our local store for a great discount (there’s a tan stain on the front, which you probably wouldn’t ever notice).

While we were there, we grabbed a sheepskin throw, a woven wall hanging, and a notebook to add to the space. I’ve wanted a sheepskin throw for a while and I love how it fits with the desk.


My next task will be to wrap the wires together under the desk. One thing I love about this desk is there’s a small shelf under the drawers to keep chargers hidden.


I love how well my Kahler vase fits here.252eeaab-80f2-4058-a3dc-f9246d5259a4

And I finally have a space to keep stationary.5118549d-fa74-4bd5-8206-003de14b6a74

We plan to hang the wall hanging to the right of the desk, with our white floating shelves above the desk, in front.

Up next we’ll add two reading chairs, a rug, a modern light fixture, and eventually put up curtains. I can’t wait to see how this space will evolve.


I love sharing our home updates with you guys! Feel free to ask any questions you have about the process or products by leaving a comment below or reaching out.

7 thoughts on “Home Office Update

  1. I sometimes fantasize about reading books with a partner and talking about them. It was nice to remember that it’s possible. I love the pink chair you went with. It’s polished and comfortable, which is great. The floors and natural light are also gorgeous. So much potential in this room and it looks like you’re off to a great start. It’s so exciting to have a blank canvas.

    1. It’s something we loved to do while dating and engaged and we really noticed it growing us closer in our marriage too. We aren’t able to do it everyday, but it’s still a great way to slow the day down and get in deeper conversation. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, we feel lucky to find a chair that looks good with the room and is comfy too. Completely agree – I’ve had so much fun imagining each room and putting it together.

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