Review: Momentum Coffee


Another weekend, another coffee shop to visit.

This time, we stopped by Momentum Coffee for our caffeine fix. It’s tucked in the corner of a suburban shopping center (think HEB, dentist offices, nail salons) but when you step inside, you’re met with large graphic patterns, metal, concrete floors, and fun light fixtures.

They really make good use of the space, with plenty of seats outside and inside. Everything flows well and the seating options vary depending on your need — whether you’re studying, socializing, or want to spend some time to yourself. There’s no stepping on toes with the way they’ve laid out the space.

Everything is clean, crisp, and simple — with the occasional decorative succulent.

More proof this coffee shop likes to have fun: there’s a switch in the bathrooms to start your own disco party while you do your business.

We only had about 30 minutes to spare, so we didn’t have the chance to order off of their food menu (which looks amazing). We’ll need to make another trip for that.

I ordered my go-to drink, a soy latte, Dill ordered a black coffee to no surprise, and then we chose something off of their new spring menu. If I’m being honest, this menu is one of the main reasons we got out to visit Momentum that afternoon, as they just started offering them to customers.

A coffee shop can be just a coffee shop but what I really love seeing is coffee shops that like to get creative. Give me all of the add-ons, weird combination specialty drinks, and endless (or at least more than 3) flavor possibilities. This is what I love about Momentum. It adds value to a coffee shop and brings back new and old customers each time the menu is updated.

Anything visually appealing usually wins me over. So, I was most excited to try the Butterfly Tea. I love that you have an option to try it with lavender or vanilla.



The Butterfly Tea in all it’s glory: a refreshing drink with butterfly pea flowers, lemongrass, and lemonade. Refreshing and light. Perfect for spring. I’ve been craving it each day ever since I’ve had it.

Their soy latte was just as good.

Visit Momentum coffee today and try their spring drink menu before it’s over.

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