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Hallie Katherine Dimmitt


Married to student pastor

Mom to puppy Kylo

Fueled by the hope of Christ

#1 Fan of hot cheetos

For a couple years now, my husband and friends have encouraged me to expand my life off the squares of Instagram and start my own blog. My husband and I jokingly agreed it would need to be called “Flogging Dimmitt” – our take on combining the words “fake blogging” since I didn’t know how I could take it seriously. But I couldn’t resist!

So here I am, creating this place where I’ll post a little bit of everything. Here, you’ll find posts about life, home decor, style, reviews, travel, and anything in-between in hopes of reaching friends old and new. If you know me, you know you’ll be able to find all types of content here as I love to share most things about my life.

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