Cherishing Jesus in the Mundane

Praising God in the good is easy.

Calling out to Him in the trials is needed.

Cherishing God in the mundane is…

A struggle. At least for me sometimes — To see God working in everyday life when you’re rushing to school or work, making your coffee, writing a to-do list, or when you’re just having a “meh” day.

Yes, God calls us to a fulfilling life in Him. I believe this also means being fulfilled in every season.

This isn’t a post about not having dreams, or not achieving the dreams or goals God has given you. Desires are often placed in our hearts by God for his purpose and He will use you for His purpose. This is about choosing to believe the days in between Continue reading “Cherishing Jesus in the Mundane”

Honest Review: Beautycounter Products

Before we begin, let me state that I am not a Beautycounter ambassador. I was honestly just curious to try their products because I like their ingredient lists and I’ve heard great things. The products listed were samples I got to try for a period before purchasing my own.

Up until last year, the most advanced thing I did for my face was use Clinique’s 3-step program (I use Type 3). I’d been using it for two years and I finally Continue reading “Honest Review: Beautycounter Products”

Review: Momentum Coffee


Another weekend, another coffee shop to visit.

This time, we stopped by Continue reading “Review: Momentum Coffee”

Home Office Update

Ever since Dill and I figured out what we wanted to do with the front room in our house, I’ve been so excited to slowly fill it up. Our dining table sits in our breakfast room near the kitchen because we wanted to be able to use it on a daily basis, especially when we have kids. We knew a formal dining room wouldn’t get much, or any, use in our house.

After living in our house for four months, Dill and I still had boxes full of Continue reading “Home Office Update”

Lunch-Time Gym Time


We all know sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. We all know how important to our health exercising is. So WHY is it so hard to workout and maintain an active lifestyle?

Here’s what my day looks like. I wake up around 6:00am (more like 6:40am, because snooze buttons), I’m out the door by 7:10am and I’m at work to start my day at 7:30am. Then I leave the office around 5:30pm, or later. I work 9/80 schedules, which means I work 9 hours everyday except Fridays, which I have off every other week.

I feel VERY blessed to work this schedule because it is so refreshing to have a three day weekend every other week. However, it makes for longer days. The last thing I Continue reading “Lunch-Time Gym Time”